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Things to do in Cape Coral, Lee County, and Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast

Do you want to just relax and sit by the Gulf, go to a ball game, visit historic sites, travel to see the park, or a little of each?  Lee County is located in just the right spot! A few minutes to the beaches, an hour or two checking out shopping or a local destination, or a day or two visiting the parks, it's your choice.

Places of Worship

A Few Places of Worship in Cape Coral

There are many places of worship located in Cape Coral. Here are a few throughout the area.

Amusement Parks & Museums

Southwest Florida Attractions, Museums & Theme Parks

The Cape Coral area is blessed wonderfully scenic areas to visit and relax. Turtles? Historical museums or sites? Water parks? Marine life? Start at Pine Island's Historical Museums of the Islands; go north to Yacht Club Beach; east to Ft. Myers for more museums, shopping; or south to Naples for more shopping or for the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida.


Cape Coral Area Sports

If you enjoy watching a Super Bowl winner, Stanley Cup champs, American League East champs, or the PGA Tour it is all here in our area. You can skate where the Olympians train, enjoy fishing charters or golf on manicured courses year round.

Performing Arts

Cape Coral Area Performing Arts County, FL